You control the price – simply log into our tagging system and create your tags!

Please remember, no matter how nice the brand or how low the price, we do not accept stained items. Prices will start at $2 and increase in increments of 50 cents. If items are small, please group them with like items and sell them as a group with ONE tag for the group. You can list the number of items in the tag’s description.

Please don’t use your time hanging and tagging an item with stains.

Keep the standards high and bring only your BEST!

1.     Clothing is best priced at 20% to 35% of the retail price.

A $10 shirt from target is priced well at $2.50.  There is a high supply of 0-2T clothing, especially in girls. Tag these items as outfit sets or like item groups and price them at 20% of retail for standard clothing brands.  Below are our suggested and proven price points for different categories of clothing. You must keep in mind the brand/label of your clothing and price accordingly.  Group your clothing into 2 categories—Standard labels and Premium Labels to help with pricing

2.    Some examples of Standard and Higher End labels are:


Clothing: Faded Glory, Carters, Circo, Healthtex, Sonoma, Simply Basic, Kid Connection, Lee, Levi, Old Navy

Gear & Toys: Evenflo, Baby Trend, Graco, Cosco, Jeep, Eddie Bauer, Safety First, Especially for Baby, Fischer Price, Avent, Baby Einstein, Boppy, Munchkin

Higher End

Clothing:  Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Baby Gap, Koala Kids, Limited Too, Baby Lulu, Talbots Kids, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein

Gear & Toys: Peg Perego, Maclaren, Britax, Chicco, Combi, Bugaboo, Little Tikes/Step 2, Dutailier, Maxi-Cosi, Joovy, UPPAbaby, Mia Moda

3.    When selecting your price for the item, think of what you would pay for the item.

If you are trying to clear clutter, price it lower on the scale and allow it to go half price to ensure it sells.  If you are trying to maximize your check, you can price at the higher end of the scale.

4.    Price To Sell on Opening Days

Don’t price an item for $3, knowing it is “over-priced”, and hoping to sell it for $1.50 on half price day.  Over 70% of our shoppers shop during regular pricing times.  You will maximize your sales if your full price is competitive for the majority of the sale and then allow your items to sell half price on Saturday.  You always have the option of not letting your item sell for half price.

Our Tagging System

Tags will be automatically generated with a barcode from your online inventory. Hand written tags will not be accepted. Please make sure your printer is in working order so that your tags will be legible. Unreadable tags cannot be accepted. Tags should print out 6 to a page and be about 3″x3″.

CARD STOCK: Tags should be printed on white or pastel card stock. Do not use plain paper to print your tags. Make sure your tags have blanks backs. Tags printed on reused card stock will not accurately track your sales.

SAFETY PIN OR TAGGING GUN: Use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach the tag to the top right hand side of the clothing item (when looking at the item on the hanger). This will put the tag close to the shopper when the clothes are hanging on the rack. See pictures below for tag placement. Please do not use the tiny gold safety pins, straight pins or staples.

ADDED SECURITY: For added security, please place a piece of clear packing tape over the safety pin and the top of the tag for clothing items priced at $10 or higher.