Sale items will be dropped off and sorted on Sunday and Monday by appointment only. Sellers should sign up for an appointment time online and arrive at their scheduled drop-off time with their items:

  • Clean
  • Tagged
  • On plastic hangers
  • Pre-sorted into gender, size and category (baby gear, toys, clothes, etc.)
  • With working batteries

When you check in, we will give you 2 presale passes; one for you and one for a guest.

If you have over 250 items, please schedule 2 consecutive drop-off appointments so that we have enough time to check your items in. If you have over 500 items, please schedule 3 consecutive drop-off appointments. If you need to make multiple trips in the case of having several large items, your appointments do not need to be consecutive. If you need help scheduling drop-off appointments, please call us at (512) 850-3280.