Fairytale Threads is run by Alecia, a Round Rock mom who loves saving money and recycling the things we don’t use anymore into money we can!

Why should people consign?

Being a consignor has so many benefits:

·         Structured timeline to get rid of what the kids don’t need, wear, use or play with anymore.  When registration opens, our consignors take a good look around to get rid of what their family doesn’t need.

·         The opportunity to recoup money spent on those must have items.  There are many things that save you with a new baby or that toddler on the move, but they are only needed for a few months.  Consignors take those items that have years of use left, and sell them at the event.  Within 10 business days of the event’s end, they have a check!

·         Being involved.  Not just in the event itself but in the community that surrounds Fairytale Threads.  We have moms from all walks of life and we come together and make amazing things happen.  We support each other and the Round Rock Area Serving Center- making an impact.

·         Consignors get to shop early.

·         By consigning, you know your gear, toys and clothes will continue to be used by another family.  The recycling aspect hits you when you see the space filled to the brim at the beginning of the event- these are all items that the families don’t need any more.  By the end of the event, the empty racks and complete void of toys and strollers resonates the reuse and money saved by all the savvy families.