Q: Do I have to sit at a table and sell my items?

A: No, the process is very simple. You register to consign, tag your items and sign up for a time to drop off your items. We organize all of the items by gender and size and do the selling for you.

Q: Where is your store?

A: Fairytale Threads is an event, not a store.  Please see our homepage for dates and locations.

Q: What items are sold at your event?

A: Fairytale Threads will have children’s clothing from newborn to kid’s size 16, Juniors sizes for teens, strollers, highchairs, toys, climbers, slides, travel cribs, children’s furniture, maternity clothes and even more for moms and kids!

Q: How much do consignors make?

A: The average consignor check from our events is over $525! It all depends on how much you bring.

Q: How can I shop early?

A: Workers and Consignors get to shop before the public.

Q: Is there a discount or half-price sale?

A: Please see the event schedule for our reduce day. All items marked “reduce” will be discounted and all the other items will be full price.

Q: I am a consignor ready to print tags. They look right on the screen but when I print them out, they come out jumbled. How can I fix this problem?

A: When you are working with inventory, use internet explorer. Firefox does not translate correctly when printed out.  you can also save the tags to PDF and print from that document.

Q: Are children/strollers allowed at the event?

A: While we recommend that you shop without the kids, children are welcome at our public sales. Please keep your children with you at all times. Children and strollers are not admitted to our presales on Wednesday.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, and Visa or MasterCard.